Sunday, March 20, 2011

Valerie Bertinelli & Barry Bostwick in I'll Take Manhattan 1986

Obscurity factor: 5

All my friends know I love cheese (see Milineum). So when my friend Carol gave me a copy of this miniseries on DVD I was ecstatic. This was one of those shows that was appointment TV for me when it was first run on CBS back in the 80's (don't judge, I was in high school). It's based on a Judith Krantz novel and has all the over-the-top drama and glamor you would expect. It's an epic tale of the Ambervilles and the publishing empire that Zachery (Barry Bostwick), the elder Amberville brother builds up. He is helped and hindered by a cast of familiar faces - his younger brother, Cutter (I know, right?) played by Perry King, his wife (Francesca Annis) blind son (Timothy Daly),  and supportive mistress and editor (Jane Kaczmarek). But the real focus of the story is his fiery daughter Maxi, played by Valerie Bertinelli. She's an irresponsible playgirl with all the money she could ever need and an unerring ability to get anything she wants. And what she wants is Jack Scalia, playing art director Rocco Cipriani. She's aided by her best friend India, played by a very young Julianne Moore. This is a long series! 4 installments of what were, with commercials, 2 hour movies, comes to 357 minutes. If you like to indulge in a banquet of gorgonzola then its worth it.

This is, I'm glad to say, available on DVD. It can also be found on YouTube in it's entirety, which is saying a lot. there are 35 installments of it, all uploaded by LBColby. The first installment is above.

Obscurity factor: 5 (available on DVD and YouTube, very much a piece of its times, and forgotten by all except those who love TV movies and miniseries)


  1. Brini, this is the ultra in television chessification!