Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teresa Graves in Get Christie Love! (1974)

Obscurity factor: 2

Teresa Graves, known for her irreverent comedy stylings on the huge hit Laugh In, is the star of this made-for-TV movie about police detective Christie Love. Inspired by the blaxploitation films of the early 70's Christie attempts to get her hands on a crime boss's secret ledger and break up a drug ring. In the process she gets to display her athleticism with karate chops and chase scenes and display her enviable physique in a variety of sexy outfits. When she nabs a bad guy she exclaims "you're under arrest, sugah!"This is not, of course, a great film, but it is a fun example of 70's television and is notable as being the first opportunity for a black woman to star in what would become a 1 hour cop drama. 

This film is somewhat notorious. It was a popular series at the time, but has since been forgotten by most. Those who remember it, however, do so fondly. It was released on DVD a few years back. The print is rather dark and it's obvious that it was released cheaply - the extras are all about DVD technology, not the film or series. The entire film is uploaded to YouTube by crazydigitalmovies3 and can be watched above.

Obscurity factor: 2 (on DVD and YouTube, somewhat iconic to a hard core group of fans)


  1. Iconic? I'd say so. My cousins and I spent the better part of disco era telling everyone, "You're under arrest, sugah!"

  2. Yes, indeed! It was a touchstone of the seventies...