Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Robert Wagner & Eddie Albert in Switch (1975)

Obscurity factor: 6

In 1975, Robert Wagner teamed up with Eddie Albert for a series quite similar to yesterday's post (It Takes a Thief). He played Pete Ryan, a former con man recruited by retired law man Frank "Mac" MacBride (Albert). Each week they would devise some elaborate sting operation, aided by their able and attractive secretary Maggie Philbin (Sharon Gless) and a cast of other regulars, that would trap some bad guy. The action was deft and exciting and the tone was irreverent.

The show had many fun guest stars including Wayne Newton, Lorenzo Lamas, Dionne Warwick, Jaclyn Smith and in the clip below, Jim Bailey playing a gender illusionist who assists in one of the stings.

The series was on for three seasons and is yet to be available on DVD, though you can find copies on iOffer.com.

Obscurity factor: 6 (not on DVD, hard to find online, remembered by some because of comparatively long run)


  1. I loved this show as a kid, had a crush on Sharon Gless...and don't forget Charlie Callas he was brilliant on there

  2. I used to watch it in reruns years ago and always enjoyed it.

  3. I remember this episode (I watched the show), in fact it's the only one I can recall. It was such a sweet scam!

  4. I never got a chance to see that episode, but loved the series as a whole. I would love it if Antenna would pick this one up...

  5. Absolutely loved it, and still have about 20 episodes on video from late 80's cable re-runs. The chemistry of the two, and the elaborate stings was great fun. Remember the similar show with Harold Gould and Stephanie Powers?

  6. Feather and Father! That one's due for a post here... Love Stefanie Powers and the show also featured the actress who played Pickels Sorrell on the Dick Van Dyke Show.