Sunday, May 29, 2011

David Steinberg, Martin Short & John Candy in The David Steinberg Show (1972)

Obscurity factor: 9

Long before Gary Shandling did it, David Steinberg exploited the "show within a show" format for his eponymously named The David Steinberg Show. Set in and around the studios of the show in Toronto, Canada, you would see David and his guests on stage with an audience, back stage and across the street at the Hello Deli. Each week would bring a new guest and a new circumstance to exploit for comedic purposes. Guests included such wide ranging personalities as Ethel Merman, Mason Reece, Scatman Crothers, Marcia Wallace, Ruth Buzzi and almost the entire cast of Maud - Adrienne Barbeau, Bill Macy and Conrad Bain.

Series regulars included Bill - "ya doesn't have to call me Johnson" - Saluga and soon to be SCTV luminaries Martin Short, John Candy, Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, and Joe Flaherty who is the patient in the above psychiatrist skit - one of Steinberg's signature bits (uploaded to YouTube by steinbergshow). While not earth shattering, this summer replacement show from '72 turned regular series in '76 is fun to watch and a great 70's time capsule sampling of pop culture. It's available on DVD and there is a "best of" compilation to be watched on demand at Netflix, however from the reviews, it seems like they left out most of the good stuff.

Obscurity factor: 9 (available on DVD, not generally remembered)

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