Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rita Rudner in The Rita Rudner Show (1990)

Obscurity factor: 9

Rita Rudner's comedy has always appealed to me, so when this show appeared on cable TV I made sure to watch. It was produced for the BBC and has since become very obscure. There were only 6 episodes, as is the case for much British programming. The show featured skits, stand up and even some musical numbers - Rita having a background as a dancer. The clip below features one of the many guest stars - Jennifer Saunders from a time when Ab Fab was just a glimmer in her eye. The editing is a bit rudimentary, but the comedy is deft.

This series is not available on DVD. You can find several clips of it on YouTube. The clip above was uploaded by PhillipaRM.

Obscurity factor: 9

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