Friday, May 6, 2011

Lynda Carter & Loni Anderson in Partners in Crime (1984)

Obscurity factor: 8

Yesterday we featured the 1982 crime series, Matt Houston. Today I thought we'd carry the thought through to the female version, sort of. This series was only on for one season, but was worth noting for the paring of the two stars - both still very popular from their recent hit shows (Wonder Woman and WKRP). When private eye Raymond Caufield is killed, his two ex wives Carol (Carter), a photographer and Sydney (Anderson) a con woman and bassist find out that he's left them everything he owned, including his agency. Both of them are struggling to get by, so they decide to try and make a go of it as detectives, with mixed, but entertaining results. Look for veteran character actor Eileen Heckart as Raymond's mother.

This series isn't available on DVD, but you can watch a few episodes on YouTube. The first installment of the pilot is above, uploaded to YouTube by Edster73. Seeing Loni Anderson playing an upright bass is worth watching for.

Obscurity factor: 8 (not on DVD, relatively unknown, available on YouTube)


  1. I never saw this, but I do recall Fred Silverman making a comment before it premiered that if a show with Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter together is not a hit, then someone should make a citizens' arrest. Was Eileen Heckart a series regular, or was she just in the pilot?

  2. This is "Supertrain" Fred Silverman, right?

  3. Eileen Heckart was in all the episodes according to IMDB. I remember she had quite a big part.

  4. I remember watching this when I was a kid. Thought it was on longer than one season. They really need to put both ladies back on TV :)

  5. Yes, I was definitely bummed when they cancel
    ed it...