Monday, May 2, 2011

Loretta Young in Christine's Children (1962)

Obscurity factor: 7

Many people remember Loretta Young's anthology series from the 1950's. It ran for almost 10 years and was very popular. In the early 1960's she starred in another series called Christine's Children. Instead of being an anthology, it was a sit-com with elements of a drama.  Christine Massey is a widowed writer with seven children. She plies her trade with a woman's magazine published by Paul Belzer who also becomes her romantic interest on the show. Each episode really focuses on the life of the children and the ins and outs of growing up. There are two boys - twins played by Dirk and Dack Rambo and 5 younger girls.

Loretta Young's signature was her appearance at the beginning and end of each episode with a quote to frame the story. Her entrance in an exquisite couture creation was what many fans looked for, and this series was the pinnacle of that gesture, with gorgeous Hollywood Regency doors, through which Ms. Young entered in chiffon, lace or faille.

The series is recently available on DVD and the quality is very good, having been remastered from Ms. Young's original media. There is no video of it available online what-so-ever, that I can find.

Obscurity factor: 7 (on DVD, not as well known has the original series)


  1. I read about this series just a few months ago. I am interested in checking it out on DVD.

  2. It's available on Netflix...