Thursday, July 14, 2011

William Daniels & Alice Ghostly in Captain Nice (1967)

Carter Nash (Daniels), mild mannered chemist works for the police department by day and fights for justice and honor by night as Captain Nice because his mother (Ghostly) told him to. When he discovers a formula that temporarily gives him super-human strength he finds himself targeted by master criminal Omnus. To save the girl he likes (played by Ann Prentiss, Paula's sister) from the clutches of Omnus' evil henchmen he takes the formula himself and becomes invincible.

This mid-season replacement series was developed by Buck Henry, one of the masterminds behind Get Smart. It was preceded by another show with an almost identical premise - Mister Terrific - about an inept gas station attendant who takes a pill and becomes an inept superhero. The series has never been available on DVD. The episode above is the pilot and was uploaded to YouTube by dentelTV1.

Obscurity factor: 9 (known for it's wacky premise and superhero twist to cult fans, but otherwise forgotten)

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