Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jerry Van Dyke & Lois Nettleton in The Accidental Family (1967)

Obscurity factor: 10

Jerry Webster (Van Dyke) is a widowed father who works as a Las Vegas comedian. He's raising his toe-headed son on a farm in the San Fernando valley as per a judge's orders. Sue Kramer (Nettleton) takes care of the farm and kids when Jerry is working. This series is a strange combination of comedy and feel-good family fare, which could account for the fact that it was replaced mid-season.

Above is the second episode in the season, uploaded to YouTube by 2nicks in which the custody judge questions his decision to give custody of the boy to Jerry when he finds him in Las Vegas on Jerry's birthday. This episode is complete with original commercials. Look for one in the third installment with Judith Lowry, Mother Dexter from Phillis.

Obscurity factor: 10 (cancelled midseason and rarely heard from again until YouTube)


  1. More "Golden Girls" "six-degrees-of-separation"!!!! Nettleton, of course. That show gives Kevin Bacon a run-for-the-money...

  2. She was also in that Stewardess movie I posted a while back: Come Fly With Me.