Friday, July 22, 2011

George Segal, Jacquline Bisset & Robert Morley in Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (1978)

Obscurity factor: 8

Natasha O'Brien (Bisset) is a world class pastry chef, one of only a handful of chefs honored with inclusion in "The World's Most Fabulous Meal" - a feature in Max Vandeveer's fine dining magazine. When the other chefs included in the feature begin dying in poetic ways associated with their famous dishes, her ex husband, Robby Ross (Segal), a fast food king, helps her find out why, and keeps her from being the next to be murdered.
This farcical film has a bright, quick pace and clever, witty dialog. It also has some rather horrific murders which ad a grim undertone to the comedy.

This film is recently available on DVD, though it's not a well produced version, from reviews I've seen. The television trailer is above, uploaded to YouTube by seanmc31076.

Obscurity factor: 8 (not well known, available on DVD, rarely screened on TV)

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