Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lauren Bacall, James Garner & Maureen Stapleton in The Fan (1981)

Sally Ross (Bacall) is embarking on a new facet of her career by starring in a Broadway musical. The stress of that endeavor is putting a strain on her relationships. It is under these circumstances that she must deal with the escalating problem of an obsessed fan. It begins with minor annoyances like multiple fan letters with a too familiar tone, but quickly develops into a real threat to her and the people who surround her. Will she live to see opening night?
This film is one of those guilty pleasures that you secretly screen, but rarely admit to liking. It's trashy, but is aces in the suspense department. Michael Biehn is great as the psycho fan and Maureen Stapleton strikes the right note as Sally's assistant. The musical numbers have some fun camp value and look for a young Dana Delaney as a record store clerk.

This film is available on DVD. Above is the big musical number from the film, uploaded to YouTube by maxwellcaulfieldfan. It's rarely, if ever screened on TV now-a-days and has fallen off the radar somewhat.

Obscurity factor: 6 (dimly remembered, available on DVD)


  1. The original novel, that I read for some reason, consists of the "fan letters" - interesting construction.

  2. That does sound interesting...

  3. You might like my post. It is the Times review with a minor commentary in the title that changes everything.