Monday, July 4, 2011

Burgess Meredith in Discover America (1967)

Obscurity factor: 10

Before there was the PBS "Above" series (Above Sicily, Above Long Island) of helicopter flight overviews of different locals, there was this film. As obscure as obscure can be, Discover America was produced by United Airlines to coincide with an ad campaign of the same name and narrated by Burgess Meredith. It was released by Paramount, but I have no information on where it was shown, whether it was a theatrical release or used on television. Other than the poster below, there is only one reference to it on the web, on the British Film Institute website. If anyone has seen it or knows a place to view it, let me know.

There is very little trace of this film, which is a shame. It's such a great record of the US at that time. It's not on any video sites that I can find, and is, of course, not available on DVD.

Obscurity factor: 10 (not on DVD, not available on the internet, almost totally forgotten)

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