Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Robert Hays & Pam Dawber in The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything (1980)

Obscurity factor: 8

Based on a novel of the same name by John D. MacDonald, this TV movie tells the story of Kirby Winters (Hays) and the watch his wealthy uncle leaves him. It's no ordinary watch, however. With the press of a button, the person holding it is able to stop time and move freely in the limbo he's created. Once Kirby inherits the watch, he becomes target number one of his uncle's arch rivals Charla and Joseph, who scheme to find the source of the power he had. While on the run, Kirby meets Bonnie Lee (Dawber). She helps him foil the crooks and in the process they fall in love.

This film isn't available on DVD, nor is the sequel it inspired - The Girl, The Gold Watch & Dynamite (1981). It can be seen in full on YouTube, however. Installment one is above, uploaded by MorkandMindy333. If you're interested in film production methods, an account of some of the elements that went into putting it together can be found in Creative Producing from A to Z, by Myrl A. Schreibman who produced the film.

Obscurity factor: 8 (hard to find, not on DVD, available on YouTube, remembered by some)

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