Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bicentennial by Vincent Collins (1975)

Obscurity factor: 10

I wanted to feature a patriotic cartoon today and I don't think I could have found a better one. This trippy, psychedelic example of government produced propaganda was put together by animator Vincent Collins on the 200th anniversary of our country in 1976. If you're prone to epileptic attacks then be careful watching this one!

I haven't been able to find this on DVD anywhere, but it can be seen in full on YouTube, thanks to an upload by jamesklambert.

Obscurity factor: 10 (not on DVD, virtually unseen since it debuted in '76)


  1. That is awesome. Thank you, Ben! :D

    I remember seeing this when I was a kid. Forgot all about it. It's so nice that you can remember this & post it here for us to see :)

    I was thinking about the bicentennial the other day. All the fire hydrants in Los Angeles were painted up in 70s psychedelic patriotic color schemes.

    Have a wonderful holiday! :D

  2. Wow, you saw that when it was released? I ran across it for the first time on YouTube this week... It's wonderfully trippy.

  3. I watched a lot of television when I was a kid :( Best babysitter for a single mother :)

    It is trippy. For you to just find it now shows you have an eye for the unusual :)