Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lynda Carter & Monte Markham in Hotline (1982)

Brianne (pronounced Brian) O'Neill (Carter) is an artist working in a bar owned by former stunt man Kyle Durham (Markham). One night she meets Justin Price (Granville Van Dusen), a psychologist who runs a crisis hotline. Justin thinks she would be a perfect crisis councilor and convinces her to join his staff. While on duty, she starts getting strange calls from a man calling himself The Barber who claims to have committed heinous crimes against women. As Brianne begins to delve further into the history of the crimes she starts to worry that she may be next. Can she discover the identity of The Barber before he succeeds in killing her?

This made-for-TV thriller, though slow to start has some very suspenseful moments in it. Look for Steve Forrest in the role of a movie star and British actor Julian Fellowes in a small but quirky part as a store clerk. The entire film is available on YouTube, uploaded by Edster73. Part one is above. Though it's never been released on DVD, it can be found on VHS, though copies are rare and can be expensive.

Obscurity factor: 8 (available on YouTube & VHS, hard to find, largely forgotten)

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