Saturday, September 17, 2011

Daws Butler in Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch! (1971)

This animated series follows the exploits of Hair Bear (Butler), a swinging, hip, kinda now, kinda bear, and his pals Square and Bubi, as they try and have fun. Their nemesis is Mr. Peevly, the zookeeper, who does his best to keep them in line. They live in a cave at the zoo that is customized with a full kitchen and bedroom furniture that recesses into the walls when anyone comes around. Square Bear also has an invisible motorcycle he rides around the zoo. In this particular zoo, the animals are charged with keeping the grounds clean and are frequently seen doing chores. The rest of the animal population of the zoo are friends of the bears and help them in their schemes.

This series ran for only on season on CBS and features some fun cultural stereotypes of the early 70's. The episode above is the first one shown and was uploaded to YouTube by HairBearBunchCartoon.

Obscurity factor: 7 (remembered by those who watched, not on DVD, available on YouTube and occasionally aired on TV)

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  1. Ha ha..this cartoon was part of my Saturday morning cartoons.