Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burl Ives & Brook Adams in O.K. Crackerby (1965)

In this short-lived (17 episode) series about the inequities of the American social strata, Burl Ives plays the riches man in the world - an oil tycoon who never had time for the social graces. He's raising three children (of which Brook Adams is one) without a mother and trying to give them the social graces he disdains. To that end he hires St. John Quincy (Hal Buckley) - a financially challenged member of society - to educate the kids. St. John is no pushover, however, and he stakes his claim to his dignity, which occasionally causes friction between him and O.K.

Part one of the first episode of the series is above and features the hiring of St. John by O.K. It was uploaded to YouTube by dentelTV1.

Obscurity factor: 9 (largely forgotten, not on DVD, available in part on YouTube)

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