Monday, September 26, 2011

Lesley Ann Warren in Apology (1986)

Lily (Warren) is working on a new conceptual art piece. It has to do with the feeling of guilt and how it impacts people. To that end she has created a forum of sorts - a hotline where people can confess to acts they feel guilty for and apologize for them. This gets her into hot water when a serial killer starts calling in to absolve himself of guilt after committing murders. Enter Detective Hungate (Peter Weller), who only complicates things by beginning an affair with Lily. Will the detective find the killer before he claims Lily as another victim?
This film was made for HBO and aired frequently on the network in the mid eighties. It was also released as a feature in Europe. There's a gritty urban underbelly quality to it that belies the era it was made in. One particular scene takes place on West St. long before it was gentrified with Richard Mier glass towers. Look for Chris Noth in a small role.

Though it's never been available on DVD, it can be found on VHS. Above is the trailer for it, uploaded to YouTube by MrMovingImages.

Obscurity factor: 8 (not on DVD, available on VHS, largely forgotten)

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