Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bette Davis in With Malace Toward One 1957

Thanks to YouTuber BDEyes81 here's another obscure Bette Davis teleplay. In this episode of General Electric Theater she plays an accountant who has aspirations of being a writer. In furtherance of those aspirations she attends a writer's conference and meets a rather disdainful editor. Look for Frances (Aunt Bea) Bavier as a seamstress early on.

These episodes are such fun to look back on, and so exciting to find because of their rarity. Thanks to BDEyes81 for uploading these fun glimpses into the past. This title is available in full on YouTube (installment 1 of 3 above) and if you dig deep enough (searching for the title and Bette Davis), can be found on General Electric Theater compilations on

Obscurity factor: 10 (available only on YouTube and

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