Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joan Collins & Larry Hagman in Up In the Cellar (1970)

70's era sexual politics and student unrest are the subjects of this trivial farce. Colin Slade loses his scholarship due to a computer error. When the powers that be, namely the University president Maurice Camber (Hagman) refuse to address the matter, Slade decides to sleep with his wife, daughter and mistress. This complicates Camber's run for the senate and hilarity ensues.
Though very much of its time, this film has some charming elements to it. Joan Collins has fun with her American accent, Larry Hagman seems to relish playing the villain long before his successful run on Dallas (1978) and though marginally successful, the film led to an appearance for Wes Stern on The Mary Tyler Moor Show, playing a similarly lecherous character in an episode titled "He's All Yours" the same year.

The film is difficult to find. it's not on DVD, but can be found on They uploaded the clip above to YouTube.

Obscurity factor: 10 (hard to find, not on DVD, almost completely forgotten)


  1. I love the always-exaggerated Joan Collins but this seems like a bit much, even for her. I wonder if this film was inspired by Pasolini's Teorema (it's stretch, to be sure, but not that much of one.)

  2. It's supposedly inspired by Richard Wilson's "3 in the Attic" (1968)

  3. Wes Stern had a "hot" period, for all of three years, or so (1968 - 71). He even starred in a spin-off of the "Partridge Family," called "Getting Together" - it lasted only 14 episodes. If you believe some of the Google stuff, he was a contender for "The Graduate," but chose "The First Time," instead.

  4. Joan looks like she's in a wig :) Looks like a good film, too. Hope it makes it to DVD in the near future

  5. As Leighton said, Wes stern did have a brief "hot" period. I remember "Getting Together," which my family really enjoyed. I notice that Judy Pace is in this and "Three in the Attic."