Wednesday, December 7, 2011

James Coburn in The President's Analyst (1967)

Sidney Schafer (Coburn) is a successful analyst living and working in New York. When one of his patients (comedian, Godfrey Cambridge) recruits him for a prestigious assignment he's honored. Who wouldn't be when asked to work for the president of the United States? This plush assignment soon becomes a nightmare when he realizes that his knowledge has put him in danger from foreign powers, corporations, the FBR, CEA and the most insidious agency of all, The Phone Company. He's even beginning to suspect his girlfriend is spying on him, but that's crazy, right?
This swinging sixties comedy examines some serious issues, including rights of privacy and the protection or dissemination of classified information. It wasn't a box office success, but did fairly well with the critics and has since become a cult classic. Also look for Will Geer, William Daniels and Arte Johnson in the cast.

Above is the trailer for the film, uploaded toYouTube by videowebcaster.

And here is part one of the whole film, uploaded by cinemaeclectica. It's also available on DVD with some restored audio tracks that were left out of the television broadcasts.

Obscurity factor: 4 (occasionally seen on television, on DVD & YouTube, somewhat under the general public's radar)


  1. I always thought that title was a straight thriller with Gregory Peck or James Garner. Was there a straight thriller with Gregory Peck or James Garner with a similar storyline? Or am I mixing everything up: Analyst + Mirage + Arabesque + Mr. Buddwing?

    And why I am at it: I always thought that the dreadful Goldie Hawn comedy "Protocol" felt like the script for a Sophia Loren romantic thriller type, shot as a comedy with virtually no changes made.

  2. This one always seemed to be on TV on Saturday or Sunday afternoon dead time. Maybe they sold it to syndication for cheap?