Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dom DeLuise & Suzanne Pleshette in Hot Stuff (1979)

Not to be confused with the Donna Summer song of the same name (released the same year), this wacky comedy from director Dom DeLuise has all the earmarks of a Burt Reynolds/Sally Field comedy - just without Reynolds and Field. Frustrated Miami cops Ernie (DeLuise) Louise (Pleshette) and Doug (Jerry Reed) can't seem to nab the bag guys, so they open up a pawn shop and let it be known that the shop will fence stolen goods. As the crooks pour in to sell their loot, the cops nab them. All does not go as planned, however, and when our heroes are targeted by the mob all bets are off.
This comedy is all about the gags, which are strung together on a somewhat slim plot line, however, the laughs make up for the implausibility. Also look for Ossie Davis as the Chief.

This film has been released on DVD as part of the Warner Archive collection and was previously released on VHS. It can also be seen in full on YouTube. Part one is above, uploaded by pointbreak2k.

Obscurity factor: 7 (largely forgotten, on DVD & VHS, also on YouTube)

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