Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lou Gossett Jr. In The Powers of Matthew Star (1982)

Continuing in the supernatural realm of aliens on earth, this series tells the story of Matthew Star (Peter Barton), an alien prince living on earth, waiting for his chance to launch a counter attack on the armada that seized power on his home planet. He lives life as an American teenager with faithful guardian, Walt Shepherd (Gossett) protecting him and nurturing his powers.

This series was only on for one season and no DVD release has been announced. The role of Matthew was auditioned for by Tom Cruise and Heather Locklear read for the part of his girlfriend. Above is part one of the pilot episode, which has a few curious differences to the rest of the series as detailed by Matthew at the beginning. It was uploaded to YouTube by sierramoon131.

Obscurity factor: 9 (little known or remembered, except by hard core fans, not on DVD, available on YouTube)

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