Friday, October 14, 2011

Barbara Stanwyck in The House that Would Not Die (1970)

Ruth Bennett (Stanwyck) and her niece Sara Dunning (Kitty Wynn) are delighted to see the beautiful old colonial home they've been left by a reclusive relative. It's full of antiques, charm and - as they discover after a few harrowing experiences - ghosts. With the help of Pat McDougal (Richard Egan), a local professor and one of his students, Sam Whitman (Michael Anderson Jr.), they delve into the history of the home and find a scandal that involves a revolutionary war general and his daughter who's spirits take possession of Sara and Pat's bodies. Will they solve the mystery and murder at the heart of it before the spirits reenact it in the guise of their possesed bodies?

This atmospheric story is fun to watch, thanks to screen legend Stanwyck and some great elements of suspense. Look for veteran character actress Mabel Albertson in a small role. It's not available on DVD, though it's been uploaded in full to YouTube by TVTERRORLAND. Part one is above.

Obscurity factor: 9 (not well remembered, not on DVD, available on YouTube)


  1. Way back when, I actually read the 1968 novel on which this was based - "Ammie, Come Home," by Barbara Michaels. Why I was reading a Barbara Michaels mystery, I don't know. It is different than the TV movie - taking place in a Georgetown townhouse.

    Anyway, apparently the set for this TV movie was used for another supernatural MOW, the same year - "Crowhaven Farm."

  2. Look for Crowhaven Farm later this month...

  3. Yeah, I had to track this down and watch it; years ago I'd taped it off cable. Barbara Michaels is actually an acquaintance of mine and her books are a somewhat guilty pleasure, so I felt it was my duty. It had some problems but was overall enjoyable. I loves me some ghost stories!

  4. I'm really enjoying all the old thrillers I've been discovering for the blog this month...