Friday, August 19, 2011

Vincent Price & Coral Browne in Time Express (1979)

A second chance at some defining moment in life - that's what the Time Express offered its passengers. Jason and Margaret Winters (real life husband and wife team Price and Browne) led their charges back in time to re-live some important circumstance on a ghost train manned by victims of a horrible wreck in 1898. Each episode featured two stories of people given another opportunity to make things right.

This series only ran for four episodes in the spring of 1979. Above is the opening credits to the series, uploaded to YouTube by skaryguy71.

Obscurity factor: 9 (known mostly only to Price fans, not on DVD, only credits on YouTube)


  1. I vaguely recall this show - four episodes in the spring? That sounds like a failed pilot, but with four shows, it had to be more of a commitment. Very "Spelling-ish", to be sure.

  2. All four episodes in full now on youtube.