Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paula Wilcox in Miss Jones and Son (1977)

This late 70's brit-com was first broadcast on ITV. It featured Paula Wilcox as Elizabeth Jones who, against the wishes of her family, decided to have a baby out of wedlock. The consequences of that - a change in lifestyle, awkward social situations, reallocation of finances - were the fodder for comedy in the series. Emotional support for Elizabeth came from her neighbor Geoffrey (Christopher Beeny)

Above is a sample of the show, uploaded to YouTube by NetworkDVD. Like yesterdays post (Two's Company) it spawned a 6 episode American version - Miss Winslow and Son (1979) starring Darlene Carr and featuring Roscoe Lee Brown as the neighbor. - Stuck In The '70's
The British version is available on DVD, though only for region 2 players. The American version would rate higher on the Obscurity Factor scale, at a good 10. It is extremely obscure and hard to find. There is currently no video of it available online that I can find.

Obscurity factor: 7 (entirely unknown in America, better remembered in UK, on DVD)

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