Monday, August 29, 2011

Joan Crawford in Because I Love Him (1953)

The last in our series of Joan Crawford anthology series appearances finds Joan playing a wife who learns her husband has only a year to live. The episode, which appeared on Revlon Mirror Theater is a very melodramatic melodrama full of noble sacrifice and beautiful suffering. The plot is a bit far out with very strange medical ethics and outrageous circumstances, but Joan pulls it off.

The series this episode was a part of is somewhat obscure itself. It ran for only two seasons and gets lost amid other more prominent anthology series like GE Theater and The Loretta Young Show. It's never been available on DVD, though individual episodes can be found on YouTube. Segment one is above, uploaded to YouTube by shanecincy.

Obscurity factor: 9 (Not on DVD, largely forgotten, available on YouTube)


  1. I wasn't able to watch it all but it does look very melodramatic. Something about Joan's face when she looks worried. That stare into something that's 5ft in front of her but its not really there.

    Need to get more of her films :)

  2. Yes, she's certainly adept at communicating distress...