Friday, November 25, 2011

Pat Morita in Ohara (1987)

Coming off the phenomenal success of The Karate Kid (1986), Pat Morita sold this series he helped develop about an unusual police lieutenant who used eastern spiritual methods to solve crimes in Los Angeles. His inscrutable manner and non-violent techniques made for interesting stories and low ratings, though the series did hang on for two seasons, with multiple changes in format. Also featured in the show were Katherine Keener, Madge Sinclair and Robert Clohessy.

This series has never been released on DVD and full episodes are difficult to find. Above is an episode teaser and show open from later in the run uploaded by WREYtube. This one has a holiday theme. I thought it was appropriate, considering we're kicking off the holiday season!

Obscurity factor: 10 (hard to find, not on DVD, not well remembered)

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