Friday, November 11, 2011

Martin Short in The Associates (1979)

In this, the first starring vehicle for Martin Short, we meet a group of young lawyers just out of law school and starting their careers at the venerable law firm of Bass and Marshall. Among them is Tucker Kerwin (Short), an earnest young man always interested in doing the right thing. He's surrounded by a cast of characters that include do-gooders, sybarites, blue bloods and the beautiful and manipulative Sara James (Shelly Smith). Stealing many scenes is Emerson Marshall (Wilfrid Hyde-White) the senior partner who is going just a bit dotty. From all accounts, this series was just as charming as Taxi (1978), with which it shares creators. Look for Joe Regalbuto of Murphy Brown (1988) fame as a junior partner.

This series was cancelled after 9 episodes, though 13 were made. It's not available on DVD and only the opening credits are on YouTube. They're above, uploaded by carpalton.

Obscurity factor: 10 (hard to find, largely forgotten, not on DVD or YouTube in full)


  1. I remmember this show quite well... I would look to the TV Guide for the listing, because the station would change the time or the days to show the episodes. Also, the theme song was great though they don't give credit to who sang it which sounds like B.B. King. I still have the TV Guide which has the two of the cast on the cover.

  2. I watched several episodes and mourned its passing. I remember Martin kind of stalking Shelley Smith as she's on a date with a congressman. He takes a fall off the congressman's porch, and they discover him there. Shelley is furious. The young congressguy gets introduced to Short, and he says 'How'm I doing?' Y'know, the way a politician's always schmoozing. Kinda funny. That's the one line I remember. --Dave B., Long Beach CA

  3. Sounds like it was a bit ahead of its time in writing...