Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wayland Flowers & Madame in Madame in Manhattan (1984)

Obscurity factor: 8

I looked and looked for a gay themed cartoon to post today but couldn't find one (that was suitable for the whole family, anyway). So I decided to post the next best thing. This 1984 production was released as a home video and is primarily Madame's nightclub act with some ancillary footage. For those of you who know Madame from her television appearances, this will be a little shocking. She's very raunchy, in a truly delightful way. You'll hear Madame sing a bit and tell some very funny stories and you'll meet several of Madame's friends, including Shirley, Madame's Yiddish dresser and Crazy Mary, who is really indescribable - someone you have to see to believe. Also making cameo appearances are Henny Youngman and Alice Ghostly.

Madame in Manhattan was originally produced for VHS and copies can still be found. You can also find DVD rips of it on sights like A good portion of it has been uploaded to YouTube, though there are segments missing.  Part one is above, uploaded by pvpentertainment2010.

Obscurity factor: 8 (largely forgotten, can be found on VHS and DVD rips, available on YouTube)


  1. Love love love love love Madame! :D

    See her & Wayland on television was always a joy when I was growing up. Especially on Hollywood Squares :)

  2. omg I never knew she had feet! Heel-arious vid, thanks for making me laugh. Brought me back to the early '80s, so much joy then before the plague hit full-force ...

  3. Ventriloquism, a lost art! The guy ain't Paul Winchell but he does a great job!