Friday, June 3, 2011

Robert Wagner & Hope Lange in I Am the Cheese (1983)

Adam Farmer (Robert MacNaughton) is on a journey to visit his father in the hospital. As he rides his bicycle through the New England countryside he reflects on what has happened in his life up to this point, remembering strange incongruities in his background and curious inconsistancies in what his parents (Hope Lange and Don Murray) have told him. He also flashes back to interviews with his psychiatrist, Dr. Brint (Wagner). As we start to piece together Adam's life we begin to see something is horribly wrong.

This feature, based on the best selling book by Robert Cormier, was produced by David Lange, Hope Lange's brother. It has the distinction of featuring real life couple Hope Lange and Don Murray as husband and wife characters. Look for Cynthia Nixon as Adam's girlfriend. The film is available on DVD and can be watched in its entirety on YouTube. The first installment is above, uploaded by Rygar89.

Obscurity factor: 7 (available on DVD & YouTube, known to a generation who read the book in school, but otherwise mostly forgotten)

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