Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jill Clayburgh, Michael Douglas & Charles Grodin in It's My Turn (1980)

Kate (Clayburgh) plays it safe - she has all her life. She's a mathematics professor in Chicago, lives with a nice man (Grodin) and doesn't tempt fate. When a job interview and the wedding of her widowed father sends her to New York she finds herself presented with a choice that promises to rock the boat. That choice comes in the form of Ben (Douglas), a former ball player, married and the complete antithesis of everything Kate has tried to do with her life. Will she cut loose and go with her gut just once, and if she does, how will that decision effect her future?
This film has some charming performances in it, and displays some sly wit. The title song was a big hit for Diana Ross, reaching number 9 on the charts. Look for Beverly Garland and Dianne Weist in small roles.

Though it's never been available on DVD, you can find this title to rent on YouTube. A VHS release was made and tapes can still be found. Above is the television trailer for it, uploaded to YouTube by robatsea2009.

Obscurity factor: 8 (not on DVD, available to rent on YouTube, not well remembered)


  1. This film went through a lot of severe editing just prior to its release - including the elimination entirely of a third love interest for Ms Clayburgh, played by John Shea. In fact there is a remnant of his character in a scene where she is delivered a flower arrangement in a hotel room and there is no explanation as to who they are from.

  2. Very interesting... Perhaps that explains why the film has some problems.

  3. It's on Amazon instant video...

    Tivoing now! :-)