Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Connie Sellecca Beyond Westworld (1980)

Westworld (1973) is one of those films I just can't watch. It's extremely creepy and unsettling. It spawned a sequal (Futureworld [1976]) and this television series in 1980. The premise is Simon Quaid (James Wainwright), the scientist who created the robots that ran amok in the previous two films is plotting to take over the world by planting his robots in key positions throughout the planet. John Moore (Jim McMullan), the chief of security for Delos, the firm that created the parks and employed Quaid, is charged with finding the androids and foiling Quaid's evil plot. He's assisted in this quest by Pamela Williams (Sellecca).

This series flashed by very quickly. 5 episodes were produced, but only 3 aired. It's never made it to DVD, and clips, but not full episodes are available on YouTube. Above is a clip from the first episode, which finds the team on a nuclear sub trying to find Quaid's robot among the crew. It was uploaded to YouTube by StatesEdgeFilms.

Obscurity factor: 10 (not well remembered, hard to find, not on DVD)


  1. Very odd series. It relies too much on the two films.

  2. Yes, it's definitely derivative, but kinda campy in its derivation.

  3. I wonder how this winter's NBC mid-season series, "The Firm" will play as a sequel to the popular 1993 film, and of course, original novel? It is claiming to be based on the novel, yet begins years after the original story ends.

  4. Hi, actually, The TV Pilot is now available on the Westworld Blu-ray. Great blog by the way. A lot of forgotten silver!