Sunday, May 1, 2011

Raquel Welch in Raquel! (1970)

When it comes to outrageous representations of the zodiac, no one can beat Raquel Welch in her 1970 television special (unless it's Anthony Newley, but that's another story). Raquel! is one of those strange, pre-MTV specials that's full of what we now call music videos with Raquel singing and dancing in some of the most gravity defying outfits. Her special guests are Bob Hope, Tom Jones and John Wayne - all in all it's a very strange show.

Here's a small sample of it. Raquel sings The Age of Aquarius in the desert with dancers in some of the most amazing costumes. It's uploaded to YouTube by jmannen77. This special is available on DVD.

Obscurity factor: 8 (available on DVD, but largely forgotten)

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