Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geraldine Page & Ruth Gordon in What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice (1969)

Obscurity factor: 8

Claire Marrable (Page) is a bitter, self important widow, who's husband left her penniless. Claire is resourceful, however, and moves to Arizona. To live the life she's accustomed to she hires housekeepers, swindles them out of their money, kills them, then buries them beneath pine trees in her yard. Her latest companion is different, however. Mrs. Dimmock (Gordon) is feisty, unlike her predecessors, and doesn't let Mrs. Marrable intimidate her. She's also not what she seems. Alice Dimmock was the former employer of Mrs. Marrable's last housekeeper (Mildred Dunnock), and she's suspicious of her sudden disappearance.

This film is the last in a trilogy of similar films produced by Robert Aldrich that began with What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. It's fun to see such talented actresses fence with each other. Geraldine Page creates a fun portrait of evil and Ruth Gordon is restrained and effective. The production values are high, with great costumes and locations, and the man-scenery is good with Robert Fuller playing an initially shadowy figure. Look for Jerry the Dentist (Peter Bonerz) from the Bob Newhart show in a small role at the beginning.

This film was released on DVD, though is out of print now. It can be seen in its entirety on YouTube, thanks to an upload by 60sHorrorRealm. The poster above is available at

Obscurity factor: 8 (available on DVD and YouTube, not well remembered)


  1. Directed by Lee Katzin, two of my fav initials!

  2. Who was the first maid killed with the rock early in the movie?

  3. That's Mildred Dunnock, who played Liz Taylor's mother in Butterfield 8, among other things...