Friday, January 13, 2012

James Garner & Melina Mercouri in A Man Could Get Killed (1966)

William Beddoes (Garner) is a bank official sent to Lisbon to do a survey. When he's mistaken for the replacement agent for a man who was killed, he steps into a hotbed of espionage, smuggling and assorted underworld characters. He encounters Steve (Tony Franciosa) a young American smuggler masquerading as a Spaniard and Aurora (Mercouri) the former girlfriend of the deceased agent, who has ideas about how to resolve the mess he's fallen into. Meanwhile Steve has been accosted by Amy Franklin (Sandra Dee) a friend from home who's about to blow his cover. Will they figure out where the missing diamonds are before they get bumped off?

This caper comedy has a complicated plot that is deftly handled by a charming cast. Mercouri is delightful as usual and Garner is at his befuddled best. Though the romance between Franciosa and Dee is the least likely aspect of a highly unlikely plot, it's still enjoyable to watch. Look for a funny scene where Mercouri is forced to strip.

Though it's not yet been released on DVD, this film can be found in full on YouTube. Above is the entire film, uploaded by 99WhatsUpDoc99.

Obscurity factor: 9 (not on DVD, available on YouTube, largely forgotten)


  1. I've always felt that the main reason for remembering this film is that it introduced the song ( or rather the melody) of Strangers in the Night hidden away in the orchestral score of the film.

  2. I noticed that, but didn't realize it originated with this film. I thought that was quite a bit older... like "Ahh Sweet Mystery of Life..." older

  3. I'd love to say to you: What's Ahh Sweet Mystery of Life? But alas I know....