Thursday, January 6, 2011

David Niven, Deborah Kerr & Sharon Tate in Eye of the Devil 1966

Something evil is happening in the French countryside and Deborah Kerr is going to find out what it is...even if it kills her! Her husband (David Niven) has been acting very strangely ever since they got to the family estate, and his cousins Odile (Sharon Tate) and Christian (David Hemmings) aren't helping by killing birds with bows and arrows and luring Deborah off parapets. This film from 1966 is most notable for its providing the first significant role for Sharon Tate, and it's well known by her fans. But it has some good qualities in its own right as well. The plot, though byzantine in its presentation is really rather simple, and very dramatically presented. It's full of good, old fashioned suspense, and some great thrills. The cast is stellar, also including Donald Pleasence and the black and white cinematography by Erwin Hiller is extremely beautiful. Look for some wonderful, overwrought scenes of David Niven horse whipping Sharon Tate.

Like yesterday's film, there's some confusion about the release of this on DVD. Amazon says you can pre-order it, but there's no release date published. It also says it will be a print-on-demand title. It's not currently available on YouTube, but is occasionally on TCM. It's worth seeing, if only for the beautiful Sharon Tate. Above is the trailer, posted by SolarCoasterX. The marketing of it was awfully salacious, and there are salacious moments in the film, but it has some dignity as well.

Obscurity factor: 7 (well known to Sharon Tate fans, unavailable on DVD, occasionally on TCM)


  1. I'm lucky enough to be at my families house today & can watch this. Very strange. Seems it won't rain & because of local folklore, a sacrifice must be made.

    Really sad Sharon Tate had such a short career :( She was amazingly beautiful :)

    Thank you for posting this. It was a good view :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. It is a strange film, but beautifully photographed. And Sharon Tate is quite over the top in it - much better than she is in Vally of the Dolls I think.

  3. I love this little-known film...very moody and atmospheric. This was the film that put Sharon squarely in the public eye...she was very beautiful indeed. Niven and Kerr are wonderful, too, and David Hemmings was absolutely adorable, wasn't he?