Monday, October 17, 2011

Hope Lange & Paul Burke in Crowhaven Farm (1970)

Maggie and Ben Porter (Lange & Burke) inherit a beautiful old colonial farm in Massachusetts and move from New York to live there. On their first day there Maggie starts to remember curious things about the old house. This is particularly odd because she's never been there before. Spooked, she decides she can't live there, but is talked out of leaving by her husband, who thinks it's just the place to help them through a rough patch in their marriage. As the couple settle in to the home, Maggie starts to have more intense memories of a past life as a witch. She's haunted by these memories and by various townspeople who seem kind, but have an uncanny knack of unsettling her. Is she hallucinating or are there mysterious forces out to cause her harm?

You might recognize Paul Burke from his best known role of Lyon Burke in Valley of the Dolls (1967), or if you're a fan of this blog or Joan Crawford, from Della (1964) Look for John Carradine in a small role. This film is not available on DVD, though it's been uploaded to YouTube in its entirety by TVTERRORLAND. Part one is above.

Obscurity factor: 8 (has developed something of a cult status, not on DVD, available on YouTube)


  1. I absolutely adore CROWHAVEN FARM! The supporting cast is incredible (Lloyd Bochner! John Carradine! VIRGINIA GREGG!!!). Cindy Eilbacher is truly unsettling as Jennifer.

  2. It's definitely creepy... if a bit bleak. The supporting cast is remarkable.

  3. Interesting...I'm having trouble getting past the first 20 minutes, due to script and direction. But, I'll try...

  4. If anyone is interested the sites below have this available on dvd. Thanks