Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mel Blanc in Martian Through Georgia (1962)

Obscurity factor: 6

Warner Brothers cartoons of the 1960's (and those of other studio's, for that matter) tend to be more obscure for some reason. I guess they weren't given as heavy air play as the earlier ones were on Saturday mornings. This one is one that I had never seen, but find quite charming. Somewhere way out in space there is a world where the beings are very advanced - so advanced that they've eliminated all conflicts and are a divinely happy race. In that culture, however, is one martian who is bored with it all. His doctor recommends travel to alleviate his boredom, so he head out into space and happens upon earth. He decides to bestow upon the earthlings the gifts his advanced society has to give, however once he's landed he's branded as an alien monster.

The voices in this short are by the talented Mel Blanc and the short is directed by the equally talented Chuck Jones. It's available on DVD in the Looney Toons Golden Collection, volume 6. It can also be watched on YouTube thanks to an upload by Sanek1994.

Obscurity factor: 6 (available on DVD, not well known)

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