Friday, February 4, 2011

Bette Davis in Fraction of a Second 1958

Television is such a great source for obscure content featuring known stars. Many of them appeared in some wonderful teleplays that have since been completely forgotten. This is one of those forgotten gems that has a very Twilight Zone quality. Bette Davis plays the loving mother of a young daughter. She has a charming home and devoted house keeper (Dorothy Adams - the maid in Laura). She walks her daughter to the corner for school and returns home to find everything has changed - her maid is gone, her home has become a boarding house and no one has heard of her. She's taken to the police and tries to explain what's happened, tries to convince people, but to no avail. The script was based on a Daphne Du Maurier story and was shown as part of the anthology series Suspicion. Look for a young Marion Seldes as a prison matron who escorts Bette Davis to her daughter.
This sort of thing is very rarely shown and, unless the series is well known like The Twilight Zone, even more rarely released on DVD. It's available in full on YouTube, thanks to an upload by BDEyes81.The entire series is also available on

Obscurity factor: 10 (Available only on YouTube and iOffer)


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  2. Now available as a single video, though with terrible embedded subtitles and some warping of the imagery from time to time that looks like it was subjected to stabilization processing that had the opposite effect. :-) Click here