Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bette Davis, Susan Hayward & Joey Heatherton in Where Love Has Gone 1964

When it comes to tearing up the scenery, no one does it better than Bette Davis. Although, Susan Hayward is no slouch in the scenery tearing department either. Put them together in a film and expect fireworks! Where Love Has Gone certainly delivers on that promise. Based on a pulpy Harold Robbins novel of the same name, it's loosely based on the Lana Turner/Cheryl Crane/Joey Stompanato story of a mother/daughter love triangle. Bette Davis plays the domineering mother of sculptress Susan Hayward. Her interference in her daughters affairs have tragic consequences for Hayward and the man she loves (Mike Conners of Mannix fame). They bear a child (Heatherton) and divorce, leaving Hayward to raise her alone. Not an easy task for a woman who is in a constant state of rebellion herself.

Be ready for a huge dose of drama in this one. It's at a fever pitch right from the start. It's fun to see three generations of Hollywood women in one film, though Heatherton hasn't fully owned her glamorous womanhood yet. The film was recently released on DVD and for the time being can also be seen on YouTube in its entirety, thanks to LorreB

Obscurity factor: 5 (available on DVD, rarely seen on television, available on YouTube)

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  1. Bones! "He's dead Jim!" Steve McGarrett! "Book 'em Dano! :D